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Testimonials & Awards

"Thank you for sending me the change of address. I meant to write to you for some time now and let you know how we feel about the coating-paint job you did on our house on Lovell Avenue last April.
We are really happy about the job. The house seems much better insulated. The stucco still looks as if it had been painted yesterday. The rain runs off beautifully from the outside of the house and even the outside of the windows remain much cleaner than before. All in all we are very happy with the work and the result of it. We are sure we will not need your services for redoing the stucco in the next one hundred years."
Kind regards,
Dr. H. Cranz

"Every time I pull into our driveway or walk past our home, I bless you!! That should make you extremely well blessed.
From our first encounter with you, you were the ultimate professional. You listened to us regarding our needs and concerns (especially with regard to the problems we had in the past with a certain never to be named painter). You realized that we fit in that category of 'once bitten twice shy' and spent the extra time providing us with addresses of homes and professional buildings both here and in Vancouver.
Once we made the decision to use your firm you seemed to be at our beck and call. You even gave us some assistance on choosing colours that would enhance the appearance of our home. (Quite a risk since Jim and I were having difficulty agreeing on an accent colour for the trims).
Once we got started, you regularly checked in to make sure we were happy with the progress that was being made. Phone calls and emails made by us always resulted in either a personal visit or a phone call, often the same day, and never later than the next day. You seemed to have a way to keep everything running smoothly, as well as keeping us confident that the work would be done according to the highest standards.
And the house is so gorgeous! Everyone comments on it and you can be sure we are very quick to sing your praises. Should you wish to show our home to other prospective customers, please feel free to let them know they are welcome to stop by, knock on the door, or phone. You have our permission to give out both our address and our phone number.
I have every confidence that the finish will outlast the guarantee you have given us. On the anniversary of the completion of the work I will update this letter, just to let you know how excellent your product and workmanship has been."
Mrs. Fay M. Goodfellow

Dear Ms. Barr,
"I am writing to you on behalf of the residents of numbers 22, 24 and 26 Marlborough Street where an old (1911) 'heritage' style residence was converted by Marlborough Properties Ltd. into a three-unit strata condominium.
Specifically we wish to advise you that the exterior of this house has retained its original appearance and we are all very pleased with the quality, durability and finish of the paint used that was supplied by Permanent Coatings of Victoria.
We recently had occasion to congratulate Mr. Lyle Hornby of that company regarding the fact that after some 18 months the finish is as fresh as the original application. He suggested that, if we were so pleased, we might consider bringing this to your attention for possible consideration of use in future 'Heritage Restorations'."
Yours sincerely,
George Hickson
Chairman VIS 4871

March 8, 2002
Lyle Hornby
1262 Oakmount Road
Victoria BC V8P 1M2

Dear Lyle,
Your business was nominated by members of the public for the 2002 Torch Award. This is a significant testimonial to your customer service.
We are sending you a copy of the news release which announced the recipients of this year's awards.
This was the second year the Better Business Bureau has presented Torch Awards and we were very impressed with the quality of the nominations. No doubt your business will be brought to the attention of the judges in future years.
Once again please accept our congratulations."
Jim Hollan
Executive Director



"We continually encourage you to "Call an Associate First," in part because our Associate Members have been proved to be reputable companies. This fact was recently confirmed when The Better Business Bureau nominated Permanent Coatings.Com for a 2002 Torch Award.
The Bureau presents this award to businesses that have been cited for providing outstanding customer service. Customers submit nominations and as the Executive Director of the Bureau stated in a letter to Lyle Hornby, Victoria manager for the company, "This is a significant testimonial to your customer service."
ROMA BC is pleased to join the Better Business Bureau in congratulating Lyle and his staff. This nomination once again proves why you should always 'Call an Associate First'."

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