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Permanent Coatings Victoria, a new era in Paint Technology


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Say goodbye to painting with Permanent Coatings - a new era in paint technology HOME: For most families there are few words that impart more powerful meaning.
A home is the most important investment a family makes. We all look for the best, most attractive home we can afford. And no one wants to have to start paying for repairs and repainting the exterior of their home after just a few years of living in a new home.
IMMCO Specialty Products such as our IMMCO WC150 Wall Coating allows builders, contractors and developers to offer families a home that won't require repainting for at least TEN YEARS. The home looks fantastic and keeps looking fantastic for life with just a simple wash with a garden hose.
The savings in never again having to paint make this an easy feature to sell or an option to offer your potential buyers. Our IMMCO WC150 Wall Coating is poised to become the next product to become as popular as double-pane windows. Years ago, double-pane windows were only offered on higher-end homes. Now, almost every home gets double pane windows as a standard feature. In certain parts of the country, our thermally enhanced elastomeric coatings can save families real money on heating and cooling costs.Say goodbye to painting with Permanent Coatings - a new era in paint technology
As a home builder, architect or developer, our products can give you a real advantage over your competitors.
You can offer your clients the Ten Year Warranty on the exterior elastomeric coating. You can add to that the low maintenance and easy cleaning that will help retain more value when it is time to sell the home.
You can continue to add to the value of the home with a thermally enhanced elastomeric coating, saving money on heating and cooling.
As home prices rise, you can add more value to a family's most important investment - and stay one step ahead of your competition!

Say goodbye to painting with Permanent Coatings - a new era in paint technology

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