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IMMCO WC150 Wall Coating

Product ID: 76
Category: Interior/Exterior Coatings
Product Description: IMMCO WC150 Wall Coating is a 100% acrylic Latex designed for high humidity and exterior use. The Performance of the IMMCO WC150 Wall Coating is exceptional in its adhesion, and durability over marginally prepared surfaces, such as aged paint, fresh masonry and unsealed cedar. IMMCO WC150 Wall Coating demonstrates strong adhesion, and has abrasive scrub resistance; early blister resistance (water sensitivity), efflorescence resistance, and tannin bleed resistance.
Colours Available: White, Medium, Deep and Accent Colours
Finish: Semi Gloss, Egg Shell, Matte
Vehicle Type: 100% Acrylic Emulsion
Pigment Type: Titanium Dioxide and Selected Inert Pigments
Solvent Type: Water
Flash Point (Min): N/A
Recommended Dry Film: 1st coat 3-5 mils, 2nd coat 2-4 mils.
% Solids by Weight: 60%
Coverage (Theoretical): 1st coat 100-150 ft2/gal., 2nd coat 150-200 ft2/gal. Application may vary depending upon method of application, type of surface and job conditions.
Viscosity at 77∞F (25C): 110-115 Krebs Units
Avg. Drying Time at 77∞F (25C): 1 hour to touch, 6 – 8 hours dry
Recommended Thinner: Water
Recommended Primer: Self priming, no additional primers required.
Surface Preparation: The surface to receive the coating must be clean and free from all dirt, grease, scale, tar, bird droppings, sap, mildew, fungus and all other surface contaminants. Ensure that all new and bare wood (western red cedar, red wood) is suitably primed with a two coat application of WC150 Wall Coating as a primer/finish to seal the wood surface. Thoroughly clean the surface by pressure washing, sandblasting, sanding, scraping or any other approved method to remove any possible contaminants, which may impair adhesion. The use of proper cleaning techniques is strongly recommended so as to ensure proper application, maximum adhesion and best results.
Application: Apply by brush, lint free roller applicator of suitable nap length (i.e. 20mm+nap, or split foam pile), conventional or airless sprayer. If using an airless sprayer, for best results, ensure that the tip being used has an orifice of at least .030” to ensure the maximum mill thickness is applied. If necessary, dilute up to 5% with clean water and stir thoroughly. Do not apply at temperatures below 10∞C (approx 50∞F).
Resistances: IMMCO WC150 Wall Coating displays excellent resistance to various climatic conditions such as; temperature change, salt spray, high humidity, rain, sun, mildew fungus, cracking, peeling, blistering, fading, artificial and premature weathering.
Additional Info: Additional Info Keep material from freezing.
Stir material thoroughly before use.

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