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Product ID: 38
Category: Water Base Concrete Sealer Coatings
Product Description: IMMCOSIL is a thermoplastic, all acrylic and water resistant sealer with excellent resistance to water blushing. Clear films of IMMCOSIL displays excellent water repellent and is specially formulated for use in coatings for cementitious and other non-resilient surfaces. Coatings based in IMMCOSIL help protect the substrate from moisture because of the low water permeability of this product. This is an important factor to consider in the design of coatings for concrete substrates, where the existence of water and water vapor play a role in the efflorescence resistance of the finished product. IMMCOSIL has excellent exterior weatherability.
Colours Available: Clear and can be pigmented.
Finish: Gloss, Semi-gloss
Vehicle Type: Selected Aqueous Emulsion
Solvent Type: Water
Flash Point (Min): N/A
Recommended Dry Film: 1-2 mils first coat, 1-2 mils second coat, 3-4 mils third coat
% Solids by Weight: 45%
Coverage (Theoretical): First Coat 125-150 ft2/gal. (3-3.5 metres2/litre), second coat 150-180 ft2/gal. (3.5-4 metre2/litre). Actual coverage will vary depending on the method of application, type of surface and job conditions.
Viscosity at 77∞F (25C): 60+ Krebs Units
Avg. Drying Time at 77∞F (25C): 1 Hour to touch , 5 - 6 hour for cure.
Recommended Thinner: Water
Recommended Primer: On most surfaces IMMCOSIL will act as its own primer.
Surface Preparation: The surface to receive the coating must be clean and free from all dirt, grease, scale, efflorescence, mildew, fungus and all other surface contaminants. It is recommended that the substrate contain less than 10% moisture to obtain best results. Ensure that all new and bare surfaces are cured. Pressure washing, sandblasting, sanding, scraping or any other manner which thoroughly cleans the surface and removes any possible contaminants which may impair adhesion, should clean all substrates. The use of proper cleaning techniques is strongly recommended to ensure proper application, maximum adhesion and best results.
Application: Apply by brush or roller applicator of suitable nap, conventional or air-assistance sprayer. Do not apply at temperatures below 10 deg. C (approx. 50deg F).
Resistances: IMMCOSIL Coating displays excellent resistance to household chemicals, mildew, fungus, cracking, peeling, blistering and fading.
Additional Info: Keep from freezing.
Stir thoroughly prior to use.
Consult your IMMCO Specialty Products representative for additional information.

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