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IMMCO Gloss Industrial Floor Finish

Product ID: 50
Category: Floor Finishes
Product Description: An environmentally friendly, non-slip, very durable, easy to apply, water based, modified urethane coating, which is weather resistant. Made for use on new and previously painted concrete, brick and wood floors, stairs and walkways. It is water based for easy clean up and provides a non-slip matte finish. IMMCO Industrial Floor Finish comes in a variety of standard colours as well as tint bases for custom colours. IMMCO Industrial Floor Finish uses a unique formula, which is very resistant to wear, abrasion, dirt, grease, oil and other deleterious materials.
Colours Available: White, Medium, Pastel, Deep and Accent
Finish: Eggshell, Matte
Vehicle Type: Selected Aqueous Emulsion
Pigment Type: Titanium Dioxide and Abrasion Resistant Pigments
Solvent Type: Water
Flash Point (Min): N/A
Recommended Dry Film: 1st coat -3 mils, 2nd coat 3-6 mils, 3rd coat 6 mils +
% Solids by Weight: 50%
Coverage (Theoretical): 120 ft2/gal. (3 metres2/litre)
Viscosity at 77°F (25C): 105 Krebs Units
Avg. Drying Time at 77°F (25C): 2 hours to touch, 4-6 hours to recoat, 24 hours before walking on surface
Recommended Thinner: Water
Recommended Primer: IMMCO Alkaline Resistant Primer/Sealer
Surface Preparation: The surface to be coated must be clean and free from any oil, grease, dirt, algae, mold or any other typical surface contaminants. Previously painted surfaces should be washed & scrubbed with a TSP and chlorine bleach solution, rinsed and allowed to dry. On new, unpainted surfaces, three coats are recommended for best results and maximum durability, on previously painted surfaces, two coats are recommended if changing color or maximum durability is desired. When painting new concrete or brick the surfaces should be washed with a 5% Muriatic acid wash, rinsed and allowed to dry. This will etch the surface and assist in providing a maximum adhesion for the material.
Application: IMMCO Industrial Floor Finish may be applied by brush (synthetic bristle is recommended), or roller applicator of suitable nap length (i.e. 5 or 10mm nap is recommended). Patch and fill all cracked or pitted areas for best results, then prime area by roller or bush, prior to coating floor.
In heavy traffic, or areas of high abrasion (i.e. stairs and walkways and areas driven over with lift trucks) it is recommended that two or more coats be applied for maximum wear resistance and longevity.
Resistances: IMMCO Industrial Floor Finish offers excellent resistance to weathering, cracking, peeling, blistering, fading, abrasion, dirt, grease, oil and household cleaners. It may be cleaned with soap and water.
Additional Info: Keep form freezing.
Stir thoroughly prior to use.

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