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IMMCO Gloss Concrete, Brick, Patio, Drive, Walkway Glaze

Product ID: 80
Category: Clear Coatings
Product Description: IMMCO Gloss Concrete & Brick, Patio, Drive & Walkway Glaze is a clear gloss, premium quality glaze used to protect cement, concrete and brick. It makes water bead and gives a clear "wet look". Perfect for use on exposed aggregate finishes; pool decks, stairs, sidewalks, driveways and other areas where protection from oil, gas, grease, transmission fluid and climatic and environmental elements are desired. IMMCO Gloss Concrete & Brick Patio, Drive & Walkway Glaze actually strengthens the top layer to prevent spalling and efflorescence.
Colours Available: Clear, some selected semi-transparent colours.
Finish: Gloss
Vehicle Type: Specially Selected Acrylic Thermoplastic Resins
Pigment Type: N/A
Solvent Type: Aromatic Blend
Flash Point (Min): 88∞F (31∞C)
Recommended Dry Film: N/A
% Solids by Weight: 25%
Coverage (Theoretical): 300 - 350 ft2/gal (8 - 10 metres2/litre)
Viscosity at 77∞F (25C): 65 Krebs Units
Avg. Drying Time at 77∞F (25C): 2 Hours
Recommended Thinner: Xylol Thinner
Recommended Primer: N/A
Surface Preparation: The surface to receive the coating must be clean and free from all dirt, grease, oil, dust, algae, mildew, fungus and all other surface contaminants that may impair the adhesion and penetration of this product. Allow surface to dry for at least 48 hours after washing before application.
Ensure surface is dry prior to commencing application of this material.
Application: This material may be applied by brush (natural bristle), roller applicator of suitable nap length (10 - 15mm nap), airless or conventional spray. For airless spray application, a tip of between .013" - .015" is recommended for best results. Saturate the surface well and ensure that an even coat is applied over the entire surface being coated. Two coats are recommended for best results and maximum durability.
Not recommended for use on asphalt, synthetic fibre, plastic or natural rubber surfaces.
Resistances: IMMCO Glaze offers excellent protection against water penetration, household chemical and efflorescence. This material also offers excellent resistance to oil, gas, transmission fluid, grease, de-icing salts, mild caustic and mild acidic materials and weathering.
Additional Info: For best results do not use below 46∞F (8∞C).
Saturate the surface well.
Work from top down when applying.
Clean up all equipment in appropriate manner and dispose of such.

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