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IMMCO Anti-Graffiti Coating

Product ID: 36
Category: Anti-Graffiti Coatings
Product Description: IMMCO Anti-Graffiti Coating is designed as two component polyurethane coating for various surfaces. It has excellent water and oil repellency and reduces dirt pick up and improves the ease of cleaning for coated surfaces. IMMCO Anti-Graffiti improves levelling and water resistance (Blush resistance), anti-blocking properties and weather resistance. Unlike most anti-graffiti products, IMMCO Anti-Graffiti Coating will not lose its properties with time.
Colours Available: White, Pastel, Deep and Accent Colours
Finish: High Gloss, Gloss, Semi-gloss, Eggshell, Flat
Vehicle Type: Acrylic Polyurethane
Pigment Type: Titanium Dioxide and Selected Inert Pigments
Solvent Type: Xylene
Flash Point (Min): N/A
Recommended Dry Film: 1-2 mils
% Solids by Weight: 45%
Coverage (Theoretical): 1000 Sq ft / 5 gal. pail (Depending on surface porosity).
Viscosity at 77∞F (25C): 90-95 Krebs Units
Avg. Drying Time at 77∞F (25C): 1 Hour to touch, if you need to recoat it again it has to be done while the surface is still wet and tacky. DO NOT RIMMCOAT AFTER CURING.
Recommended Thinner: Xylene
Recommended Primer: On most surfaces IMMCO Anti-Graffiti will act as its own primer, but surface preparation is VERY IMPORTANT.
Surface Preparation: The surface to receive the coating must be clean and free from all dirt, grease, scale, efflorescence, mildew, fungus and all other surface contaminants. It is recommended that the substrate is dry and has the least amount of moisture to obtain best results. Ensure that all new and bare wood is suitably primed with the appropriate primer. Thoroughly clean the surface by pressure washing, sandblasting, sanding, scraping or any other approved method to remove any possible contaminants, which will impair adhesion. The use of proper cleaning techniques is strongly recommended to ensure proper application, maximum adhesion and best results.
Application: IMMCO Anti-Graffiti is supplied as a two component system Part A and Part B. Add one part of B to four parts of A while stirring with hand. Mix it thoroughly for at least 10-15 minutes. This mixture has a limited pot life and it has to be applied on the surface within 3-4 hours (Depends on Temp.) Mix only the amount that you need, it will set up after the pot life ends. It can be applied by brush, roller or spray.
Resistances: IMMCO Anti-Graffiti displays excellent resistance salt spray, high humidity, mildew, fungus, cracking, peeling, blistering, fading, artificial and premature weathering. In addition it provides superior resistance to common cleaners, chemicals, scuffing and abrasion.
Additional Info: Consult your IMMCO Specialty Products representative for additional information.

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