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IMMCO 2 Component-Urethane Finish

Product ID: 66
Category: Urethanes
Product Description: A premium quality two component urethane finish applicable for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications.
This product offers excellent UV, chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. It is suitable for use in pulp and paper plants, chemical plants, tank cars, bar breweries, dairies, food plants, storage tanks, concrete and masonry where maximum protection from environmental and climatic conditions are required.
Colours Available: White, Deep and Accent colours
Finish: Gloss
Vehicle Type: Urethane
Pigment Type: Specially Selected Pigments
Solvent Type: Aromatic - Ester
Flash Point (Min): 45∞F (7∞C)
Recommended Dry Film: 6 – 8 mils.
% Solids by Weight: 60%
Coverage (Theoretical): 200-250 ft2/gal (5-6 meters2/litre)
Viscosity at 77∞F (25C): 70-75 Kreb Units
Avg. Drying Time at 77∞F (25C): 1-2 Hour to touch, 6-8 hours recoat, dry overnight
Recommended Thinner: Aromatic
Recommended Primer: Type of primer varies depend upon the substrate. This material requires a primer for maximum durability, adhesion and resistance to environmental and climatic conditions. Consult IMMCO Specialty Distributors for additional information.
Surface Preparation: The surface to receive the coating must be clean and free from any and all dust, dirt, grease, grime, oil, algae, mold, loose and peeling paint and other typical surface contaminants. The substrate must absolutely be primed for maximum adhesion and best results.
Application: This product may be applied by brush, roller applicator (roller must be of suitable nap length) and conventional or airless sprayer.
Mixing Procedure: Mixing ratio component A-1 part, component B-1 part. Mixing components A and B together with good agitation for five minutes. Allow the minded material to stand for at least 15-20 minutes before using.
Maximum pot life - 8 hours.
Resistances: IMMCO 2 Component-Urethane finish is highly resistant to industrial chemicals, oils and solvents. It is extremely resistant to abrasion, impact and cleaning chemicals
Additional Info: Keep from freezing.

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