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Permanent Coatings, a new era in Paint Technology


Dealership Inquiries

Looking to Grow Your Business?

We can help put your business in a unique market position - RIGHT NOW! You can be up and running quickly and without huge costs up front! Permanent coatings and elastomeric coatings have been popular in Europe for more than 20 years. They are just now really catching on here in Canada and the U.S. Get into this market now before it's flooded and establish your presence, your name and your reputation against those that will follow in the coming years.

We're opening opportunities for dealers for our superior quality, cost-effective, permanent coatings (100% acrylic coatings and true elastomeric coatings), acrylic paints, stains and our premier wall finishing system, IMMCO WeatherWall.
This is an opportunity for new markets and better profit margins!

The best business opportunities are good for your customer AND good for your business. A Superior Coatings dealership using IMMCO Specialty Products is that opportunity.

  • Highest quality - produced in smaller batches allowing much better quality control
  • Most innovative product - manufactured for regional climate and environmental conditions
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Very competitive pricing vs. all other permanent coatings
  • Easier to use and apply than other permanent coating systems
  • MUCH better warranty for homeowners - huge with consumers in today's environment of skepticism and quality issues
  • Minimal startup costs - you won't find an opportunity this good with lower startup costs
  • Unprecedented support for products and application - including access to manufacturer and their chemists if needed
  • Very competitive pricing vs. all other permanent coatings
  • Higher profit margins on permanent coating jobs vs. paint jobs
  • We'll provide and help with marketing materials and ideas
  • Recognized name with an established business behind it

If you are a Painting Contractor, General Contractor, Residential Developer, Commercial Developer or Building Contractor:
  • looking for better products and a higher profit margin?
  • looking to offer your homeowners a higher quality, maintenance free, beautiful home with a ten year warranty?
  • looking to provide a constantly beautiful exterior for their business space with little or no maintenance?
Take a few minutes to look at our products - and the business opportunity. The advantages to you will be obvious. Then contact us by clicking the button below. You can get started right away!

I'm interested in the opportunity

"Say Goodbye to Painting"

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