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Commercial Painting Victoria & Vancouver BC

Thrifty Foods Store - another satisfied customer of Permanent Coatings Commercial space is a serious business investment for most owners. It's all about having a profitable building. Part of what makes for a profitable building is having an attractive building. No one wants to rent commercial space that looks bad or is in poor condition. Keeping the space looking great and profitable is vital to commercial clients.
Commercial real estate and associated structures must withstand considerable traffic and abuse. To keep an attractive looking, appealing commercial space, you need paints and coatings that are much more durable, resistant to impact and abrasion, and generally easier to clean and maintain. IMMCO Specialty Products carry the acrylic latex paints and elastomeric coatings that can stand up to the traffic, abuse, and cleanings. Our coatings will outlast any competing products - and we back that up with the warranty we provide. We can help keep your client's commercial space looking like new. Exteriors can be washed with a simple hose or pressure washer.Tracer Industries - another satisfied customer of Permanent Coatings
Commercial space is an investment, and clients are looking for the most profitable building. Applying an IMMCO Thermal Roof-Coat coating will save money on future painting. We can show you and help you show your clients the savings and an impressive Return-On-Investment (ROI). That is exactly what commercial space owners are looking for: A more profitable building.
Multi-story buildings require more labour and equipment to paint - and are typically more expensive to repaint. ROI on multi-story buildings is even better! Your clients wonít have to worry about repainting every few years! You gain a unique advantage over your competition in getting new business and maintaining existing client satisfaction.
In certain parts of the country, using our thermally-enhanced coatings can also add additional savings in heating and cooling expenses. The ROI for your client gets even better!
Not sure about all these claims? Take a few minutes to review our Products, Test Results, and Warranty. Or better yet, let us help you match the right product with your project.

Give us a call locally in Victoria at 250-888-0669 for more information.

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