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Permanent Coatings, a new era in Paint Technology


About Us

With the ever-increasing need for products that perform at a very high level, our Permanent Coatings have met the challenge and proven themselves to be effective - time and time again!
For centuries mankind has been using paint as a form of temporary beautification and protection on homes and buildings. Unfortunately, paint consistently fails in a relatively short period of time - usually anywhere from four to five years.
Paint fails for a number of reasons, one of the most common being that it is simply not flexible! During temperature changes, the average building expands and contracts, eventually cracking the paint. Further, the majority of paints are not weatherproof and moisture gets trapped between it and the substrate, resulting in bubbling and failure. Finally, most paint is not UV resistant, and over time the sun's rays will cause it to chalk and break down.Permanent Coatings were formulated to overcome the conditions that cause paint to fail.
Our Permanent Coatings were formulated to overcome the conditions that cause paint to fail. These coatings have been used successfully on homes and buildings for close to 30 years. Our successes speak for themselves on shopping centres, apartment blocks, commercial buildings, warehouses, schools, government buildings and homes.
Permanent Coatings are flexible and will expand and contract with the substrate. They are weatherproof on the outside but will allow moisture to escape from the inside. They are UV resistant and will not chalk, crack or peel. And these are only a few of the benefits of using our Permanent Coatings.
Permanent Coatings, when properly applied, will bond to surfaces that include wood, stucco, concrete, vinyl cladding , metal, wood shakes and both asphalt and wood shingles.
Never Paint Again!
Although we say never paint again, we use this to infer that you will not have to paint for up to 30 years, we do not literally mean "never".
For long-lasting protection, ask about our Permanent Coatings!

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